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Rotkäppchen-Mumm Sparkling Wine Cellars GmbH

“Romana Echensperger has been with the Rotkäppchen Mumm Academy since the beginning. She is a lecturer who responds to the respective mood in an outstanding way and shares her wine knowledge and experience with the different groups of listeners. Her courses create an inspiring atmosphere that encourages further learning: very personal, cheerful and with profound knowledge, she strikes the right note with all those interested in wine.”

Tanja Rosenthal – Director Research & Development

German Wine Institute GmbH, Mainz

“The German Wine Institute has been working with Romana Echensperger for several years. Even before her time as Master of Wine, we used her frequently – and with great pleasure – for wine seminars and presentations at home and abroad. Excellent tasting skills and extensive knowledge of German wine are also possessed by some other wine experts, but what sets Romana apart is her infectious enthusiasm for the topics she presents, her ability to convey complex topics not only to experts but also to “simple” wine consumers, her reliability, spontaneity and – not to forget – her humour.”

Steffen Schindler – Director Marketing – German Wine Institute

Obstkelterei van Nahmen, Hamminkeln
Dr. Peter van Nahmen

“Romana Echensperger was the first German sommelière to pick up on the importance of juice as a food accompaniment in high-end gastronomy. We are grateful for the great cooperation and appreciate Ms Echensperger’s work and knowledge. In addition to great expertises that Ms. Echensperger has created for our single-variety gourmet juices, she also oversees training courses for our small “juice shop” as a Master of Wine in Sensory Science. Thank you very much for this excellent cooperation.”

Dr. Peter van Nahmen – Managing Director Obstkelterei van Nahmen – Hamminkeln, Germany

Wines of Israel

“Long before Romana received her Master of Wine title, she had an exceptionally good understanding and special flair for wine. It seems as if she was born with a glass of wine in her hand. But more importantly, Romana’s in-depth knowledge, incredible empathy, positive attitude and charming smile can get anyone excited about wine.”

Renée Salzman, Zag Wines Ltd.,Israel

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Anyone who is easily impressed by wine nerds should have a word with Romana Echensperger. Because as far as expert knowledge is concerned, the 42-year-old probably easily outdistances any smart aleck when it comes to wine. But unlike them, she doesn’t make a big fuss about it, on the contrary. She has remained down-to-earth, although she has had enough opportunities to take off…”

Franz Kotteder in the article “More than poetry with fruit salad” in the Süddeutsche Zeitung of January 2020.